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Keep Comfortable with A/C and Heating Repairs in El Paso, TX

If your car’s air conditioner or heater is on the fritz and has left you feeling uncomfortable, ATL El Paso specializes in A/C and heating repairs in El Paso, TX. While the winters in Texas are mostly mild, you don’t want to be without a functioning vehicle heater. And the scorching El Paso summers make A/C an absolute necessity. The interior of your car can reach dangerous levels on hot summer days, so you need a powerful A/C system to cool it down. Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs or replacements, we offer free estimates and complete tune-ups, inspecting other parts of your car to ensure your safety. Call us today to make a service appointment or stop by our location.

technician taking measurements inside car engine

Top Signs Your A/C or Heater Needs Service

There are many telltale signs when your car’s air conditioning or heating system needs a repair or replacement, including:

  • No hot or cool air coming through your vents – This is probably the most obvious indication that your systems aren’t functioning properly.
  • A weak airflow – If your air conditioning or heating’s airflow feels weak, your system isn’t running efficiently, and it’s probably time you get it checked.
  • Noticeable moisture around your compressor – This can indicate that your car needs further inspection.
  • Strange odors coming from your vents – Even if your air still feels warm or cool, a strange smell may mean that you have a leak that can end up costing you more to fix it the longer you wait.
two men looking underneath of car

What to Expect at ATL El Paso

When you visit ATL El Paso, our professional, friendly staff will greet you and examine various components of your car to better understand your issue before giving you an estimate. We’ll thoroughly check all of your compressors, belts, thermal expansion valves, condensers and levels of refrigerant solutions before pinpointing your exact issue and making our service recommendations.

After all, routine maintenance is your best way to avoid future breakdowns. You can rest assured that we’ll always recommend whatever makes the most financial sense for your specific issue. If it makes more sense to repair or replace a belt rather than installing an entirely new heating or A/C system, then that’s what we’ll tell you. Call us today to learn more about our A/C and heating repairs in El Paso, TX or to request your free estimate!

Repairs or Replacement

Once our team has identified the problem, we pursue either repairs or replacement of the system or individual parts. Sometimes, simply repairing, replacing the compressor, or finding a new belt will solve the problem at a much lower cost than installing a new heating or cooling system. Our team will discuss the options for a/c and heating repairs in El Paso, TX and always look for ways to make your car repairs faster and more affordable. We only do what’s necessary to get you back on the road safely and comfortably all year round.

Drive in for a Free Estimate Today!